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Failed Billing Help Please

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Failed Billing Help Please

So my Bill is Late this month. 

I am meant to get 14 Days to pay the Bill without Restrictions but obviously as you know the Failed Billing Page Work. Strange after 2 years and it still doesn't work. 

Anyways I really need to access my GP Services and would like the Block Removed Please. Thank You

Please can you also explain to me a couple of things. 

1) Why is the Billing Problem not solved after so long? and what Steps are being taken to prevent this because WE still have to pay the full amount plus any charges for less service. and less speed. 

2) Why on my Fibre Internet I get a lot less speed than I am meant to get. I get throttled on downloads on my PS4 and Laptop not the speeds I am meant to be getting. Also gaming gets very laggy even though I am set up correctly. When I run a speed test I don't get no where near what I am paying for.


Thanks for taking your time to listen

Fresh Eggs

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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Failed Billing Help Please

Hi @fresheggs, we are sorry to hear about the issues you've had on your account.


I'm sorry to hear you're experiencing connection problems. Once a payment fails, your account goes into 'failed billing'. On Days 1, 5 & 10 of failed billing your browsing will be interrupted by a 'splash screen'. This splash screen is a reminder that payment is due, but can be bypassed by you selecting the option to 'acknowledge and continue browsing' (this is only view-able on an internet browser and not apps) and once done your browsing will return to normal. We are aware of a small number of customers that are not seeing the splash screen when interruptions are applied meaning this cannot be bypassed on your side. I completely understand that it has been going for a while but I can assure you that the relevant team are still looking to fix this issue. I have removed the restrictions but you might have to reboot the router for this to take effect.


In regards to the speed issues, checking from this side everything is looking spot on to the router and with no signs of errors. The speeds are syncing at 39.1Mbps download and 11.5Mbps upload. Please run the BT Speedtester service from here using a wired connection. We would need at least three speed tests. Once the initial result is completed please click Further Diagnostics. Please type in your phone number and click run diagnostic test. This will run a test and send the results to the server for investigation. Once you've done the above, please raise the fault from here and let us know once you've done it so we can progress the fault for you.

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