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Failed Billing Hell

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Failed Billing Hell


I've just signed up to this in desperation because i cannot bear to spend hours listening to the ghastly on-hold music. My payment failed this morning and i'm already facing restrictions. THis happens EVERY TIME!! I cannot get onto many sites, instead being told that  http failed billing has not been found. At the moment I'm trying to print out a shipping label from an email but just keep being taken to the error page. On the sites I can get into, every page prompts a message saying the revocation information for this site is unavailable and do I want to proceed, sometimes I have to click yes 6 or 7 times before it allows me to proceed. My wi-fi is also down so I have to use my roaming data on my phone at home. Ironically the one site that I cannot ever ever get onto is the flipping plus-net site so I have to use my phone in order to pay the bill once able. I have complained about this before and got absolutely no-where. Currently the only thing stopping me from leaving is the hassle of setting up a new e-mail account and having to change it for multiple other sites.  I can telephone to get the restrictions lifted and then 2 days later the system signals another reminder and I'm right back where i started. I really have had enough of this.


Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Failed Billing Hell

Hi there, I'm really sorry about the issue with this. We do have a known issue that causes restrictions to come into place too early in some cases. I've put a request through to get these removed for you so that should get picked up within the next few hours. 


As you've mentioned this has affected you a few times I just want to make you aware that it's possible to change the billing date for your account on our website in case that would help avoid this happening again. 

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 Adam Walker
 Plusnet Help Team