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Extra incentive to refer

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Registered: ‎08-06-2007

Extra incentive to refer

I am on PlusNet Broadband Premier Option 1 (and have been for about 4 years or so) - for which i pay £21.99 and get a 13gb allowance. I have stuck with this because the allowance only counts from 1600-0000hrs. The current options apply from 0800-0000 i believe.

After noting that the allowances have gone up markedly today and assuming that old accounts wont be upgraded I dont suppose PN would consider giving away extra GB's (aswell as the bounties obviously !) to those that refer significantly?
Perhaps wishful thinking but it wouldnt cost anything to do this and might be a good incentive to some ?
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Re: Extra incentive to refer

Hi Richard.
We are currently discussing a number of options for referrals, however we are promising nothing yet. Smiley
Its certainly an interesting suggestion and I suppose the next step would be to see how much demand there would be for it.
As for it not costing anything, there is a cost associated with every GB of of capacity we provide.
So costs need to be considered along with the attractiveness of the idea to the wider customer base.
Bear in mind though that we have referrers earning in excess of £1000 per month from our referral system based on monthly payments and the (former) bounty payments. That would be a heck of a lot of capacity to make up for that Smiley
Joking aside, an interesting proposition and one which I'll happily discuss internally.
Good to hear from you again Richard.