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Even the CEO of Plusnet ignores Complaints.#134033989 & #134096212

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Even the CEO of Plusnet ignores Complaints.#134033989 & #134096212

Would any of the Plusnet staff who support the Community Forums please take a look at this and take responsibility and action my complaint.

I sent the email below on 16 September to your CEO


I rejoined Plusnet from BT in June this year, however in the short time I have been with the company, I am none the less happy with Broadband Quality and Customer Service experience.

15th July I was notified by Plusnet of an increase in charges.
2nd August I gave notice I was going to leave and received the confirming email.
2nd August I notice a cease has been put on my line, I get this rectified - the call agent had made an error.
Subsequently I am over charged on the 16th August billing cycle as my 6mths discount was not applied when the cancellation was lifted. A credit note is applied

I signed up with Sky Fibre Unlimited/Sky Talk on 24th August and migrated on 8th September at 9.30pm.

On 15th September my Plusnet Talk is cancelled and today 16th September I get a bill for Fibre Unlimited covering the period up to 16th October!!!

Looking at the Community Forum, it seems I am not the only one who has been over charged when leaving Plusnet. Whether this is down to poor accounting software or poor staff training I do not know. For a company of the size of Plusnet, surely you must have systems in place to question whether the call agent has asked the correct information!

Customer wishes to leave. Is that to migrate or cancel the service all together?
I have issued the 'leaving due to price rise email'. Why does the system let me put a cease on the line?

Since there is no longer any need for a MAC and as Sky notify Plusnet their customer has signed up with Sky and they will supply the talk and broadband service on 8th September - why has the accounts system added 7 days onto the Sky take over date and why had the accounts system assuming the Fibre Unlimited is continuing?

I am very disappointed and request immediate action to get this complaint resolved.

I look forward to hearing from you shortly.

You will see from the ticket ending 6212 a Plusnet CS Rep put the ticket on hold on 19th September, releasing it on Monday 26th September at 7am - it is now 4 days & 12 hrs later and I have had no response regarding my complaint and overcharging of services up to 16th October. Put it another way it has been 11.5 days since I raised this ticket and in that time I have not even received an acknowledgement, let alone an apology from accounts and only found out what was going on through due diligence of the Plusnet Member Centre.

This is the worst possible customer service experience I have ever had. I am now going to take forward this complaint with CISA.

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Re: Even the CEO of Plusnet ignores Complaints.#134033989 & #134096212

He or she is most likely sailing around the world and a 5 year cruise, im sure someone will TRY and get back with you soon Tongue

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Re: Even the CEO of Plusnet ignores Complaints.#134033989 & #134096212

Just a heads up that we have issued you the refund back to your Direct Debit today. It should be with you within the next 14 days.


Ticket 134096212 refers.

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Re: Even the CEO of Plusnet ignores Complaints.#134033989 & #134096212

@MattyC  I have seen emails saying Plusnet Support has been cancelled and that I am cancelling from 10/10/16 (it was 8/9/16!!!)- however my account seems to have been deleted from the Member Centre.  Can you please ensure that I get copies of all traffic between my account, accounts etc.Thx.

Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Even the CEO of Plusnet ignores Complaints.#134033989 & #134096212

@stoswald You should have all communications regarding the closure of your account emailed to you. If you however would like to view your tickets on your account we can re-enable the portal for you so you can view these

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