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I have had repeated issues with plusnet. I am still receiving texts saying that I am leaving the broadband, even though I'm not. I have already received one today and called the operator to deal with it. It's happened again and now the lines are closed due to a high volume. There have been repeated issues now with my account.
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Re: Error


Welcome to the forums.

Are you certain these Texts are actually from Plusnet? How did you call the operator, hopefully by not pressing a number from the text?  Did you contact Plusnet via the contact phone number on the website?

This could be sadly a well known scam still doing the rounds claiming your broadband will be disconnected in 24 hours etc, we have had repeated calls about this but they are not from Plusnet

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Re: Error

Thanks for getting in touch @Aljmuir 

I can see the order another provider has placed to takeover your line is in the process of being cancelled on the back of your conversation with an adviser on Friday. This should hopefully be sorted within the next 24-48 hours.

I'll check back on Wednesday to make sure that's resolved or to investigate further.

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