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Error when clicking upgrades

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Registered: ‎17-08-2020

Error when clicking upgrades

When I try to click the upgrades page I get an error on the page;

"You can't change your products for the moment, you have an order which is currently being processed. Please try again later."


I do not currently have an order pending!


Any help appreciated



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Re: Error when clicking upgrades


Welcome to the forums.

Sadly this is a common issue on the website. Sometimes using a different browser will get pass the issue. But unlikely.

You will have to hope a PN staffer picks this one up and clears the issue.

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Registered: ‎17-08-2020

Re: Error when clicking upgrades

This is still an issue to be resolved. I cannot renew my deal online until this is fixed.


Can a PlusNet Staff member have a look?

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Re: Error when clicking upgrades

Hey @KyleB, thanks for getting in touch. 

I'm sorry to read you're having trouble renewing your agreement online, checking from this side there doesn't appear to be the any errors to clear. In this case I'd suggest ringing through to our Options team on 0800 013 2632 and they'll be able to discuss renewal options with you - it might also be worth looking at comparison sites such as MSE, for a rough guide on prices, you can mention these to our Options team who can look to either match or get as close as possible in price to it. 



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