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End of deal, requiring FTTP

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End of deal, requiring FTTP

Hi there.

I am coming to the end of my current contract with PN, but having had good service with them, with prefer to stay if possible. I went with PN originally since they offered a static IP address, which helps me work from home since I can connect to numerous servers having added my static IP address to a white list of approved connections (I'm a software engineer).

My question is this: if a get a new deal now with PN, can I change it to FTTP package when it becomes available and if so, can I still retain a static IP address?

The only other provider that I have found which does FTTP and a static IP address is Zen Broadband. I was with them a long time ago, and had no issues, but I'm loyal as long as there's little difference between the two companies (since no prices are available for FTTP on PN).

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Re: End of deal, requiring FTTP

Cheers for looking at staying with us @jigr69 

I don’t know at this stage what we’ll offer when we bring out a FTTP product, however I would be highly surprised if we didn’t allow you to upgrade while in a contract term, as we do allow ADSL > FTTC upgrades without incurring termination fees or making a change to a static IP. 

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Re: End of deal, requiring FTTP

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Re: End of deal, requiring FTTP

It is annoying when a company announces a product but does not give it's agents dealing with customers, ay information to fend off queries such as my own.

Basically, I have to choose between staying with PlusNet in the hope that in the next 12 months, they offer FTTP along with a static IP address, or move to another company already offering as such.

My current plan runs out in the next two weeks, so I have a decision to make.

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Re: End of deal, requiring FTTP


I strongly suspect the problem will be with the back office systems within PlusNet. They cannot launch a product until they know these are ready. If they don't have a launch date they then can't give their support staff any information other than it's coming. The launch is probably in the hands of the software gods.


The PlusNet current system works off the telephone line number. With FTTP, especially new builds, there may not be a copper telephone line to use so no number.



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Re: End of deal, requiring FTTP

Thanks for getting back to us  @jigr69

At the moment, nothing official has been announced, though our new Hub Two is FTTP compatible. Once it's confirmed, it'll be advertised on our website. I can't see why you won't be able to retain your static IP on FTTP though, if / when it is announced, though as this stage, we can't make any promises / guarantees as I'm sure you can understand. Smiley

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