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Emailing of invoices

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Registered: ‎22-03-2012

Emailing of invoices

Please please please PlusNet can you give us the option to have the monthly invoices emailed to the account holder as a PDF attachment?
It is such a pain to login to many individual accounts each month to print off the invoices.  Business customers need these invoices, so I can't see why you can't email them out.  Afterall, you email out the monthly notice of the direct debit payment - just attached the invoice to this.
Also, would be very nice if you could group multiple accounts to one login too.
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Re: Emailing of invoices

Hi d3matt,
There's no plans to be able to email invoices I'm afraid. As for the one log in for all, how many accounts do you have and do you do the technical support for all of them?
Jojo Smiley