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Email entered wrongly

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Email entered wrongly

So, after a whole palaver wherein PlusNet cancelled my account without my permission and charged me £120 in termination fees (which still haven’t been refunded surprise surprise), I was told I’d have to make a new account. Over the phone I went through the process of making a new account however(!!) the lady I spoke to evidently entered my email incorrectly despite me making it very clear using my albeit limited knowledge of the phonetic alphabet. Due to this I have received none of the correspondence I should’ve in my first month of being a customer—on top of this I was promised a MasterCard with £75 pre loaded, and the link to claim this would be emailed to me. Obviously I did not receive this due to the employees honest mistake. Is there any way I can backtrack, and get the emails and correspondence I should’ve received sent to the correct email address so I can claim my £75? Thank you!!
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Re: Email entered wrongly

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Re: Email entered wrongly

Hi @Joprmo21


I'm really sorry to hear about your experience. 


Please PM both account usernames and we will get back to you accordingly. 


Kind Regards