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Early termination fees waived, but Plusnet still tried to bill

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Registered: ‎29-04-2021

Early termination fees waived, but Plusnet still tried to bill

In early March I initiated a house move with Plusnet. Having not had internet until 31st March, I called to find out what was going on and was told I would not be connected until 19th April.

I found this wait unacceptable, especially as I had to contact Plusnet to get this information, so I decided to close my account and look elsewhere.

I was told on the phone by a customer service manager level employee that my early termination fees were being waived, which I appreciated. I then received an email confirming my cancellation, with confirmation in black and white that there were to be no cancellation fees.

Fast forward 4 weeks to now, and Plusnet are attempting to take ~£150 from me in cancellation charges. I cancelled the Direct Debit straightaway so that the payment would definitely not go through.

In a sensible world, the simplest course of action would be to forward my cancellation email to Plusnet to show them that I owe them nothing. However, as live chat is down and Plusnet for some reason have no email address to contact them on, my only option appears to be spend time that I don't have on the phone to try and verbally sort out Plusnet's mistake.

I'd appreciate it if anyone knows the fastest way of dealing with this, or whether Plusnet will see their mistake when they decide to send the debt collectors in 14 days time and rectify it themselves.