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Early repayment charge error

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Early repayment charge error

I posted this in the ORDER forum but maybe it would be better in this forum to get a team member answer, I would like to get a definite answer as to when this error payment will be returned to my account.


Been a plusnet customer for some time now, took the service at my previous property, this contract came to an end so decided to use plusnet again in my new property as all was ok with their service, since moving and agreeing to a new 18 month contract I have had various problems that just seem to escalate, firstly it took a long time to set up and only came on line with my continual chasing, I was offered compensation for the delay, fine with that but then they then billed me for an early termination charge of over £145 when I have only just set the 18 month contract up, again I have to chase to get that refunded, I am still waiting for that to be returned, further to this I now get an email saying there is a billing problem and I won’t be getting a bill when I have already had one, (even if it is incorrect) really confused now over the service I am receiving.

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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Early repayment charge error


Hi @Exeterfan


I've just responded to your other thread.