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Early exit fee?

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Early exit fee?

Trying to work out when I can switch (contract ends 11/02/21) without having an early exit fee to pay. Can anyone aisist?

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Re: Early exit fee?



I would guess any time after you have paid for the number of months you contracted for


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Re: Early exit fee?

Plusnet with charge exit fees right up to the wire and I think that this is a scandal for anti-competition rules. I waited longer than I wanted to to switch but because our village has had fibre to premises installed Plusnet will not connect us. I had no option but to switch to either BT or EE to get connected and this took a month to organise. In the meantime I had spent many hours waiting to talk to Plusnet by phone, all unsuccessful, to cancel out BTSport and anytime calls which we no longer needed. How could we possibly wait for the end of our Plusnet contract and THEN organise a switch?? We would be without internet AND a phone for 4-6 weeks!! I am disgusted that having paid £200 for the BTSport and anytime calls we couldn’t cancel and moving to BT only 20 days prior to the end of our Plusnet contract, they are not only charging me an extra £12 in fees but threatening debt collection!! It may be a small amount of cash but it’s the principle. You get 42 days grace to switch other utilities and yet telecoms are allowed to get away with this. We’ve been customers for 15 years. It is totally unacceptable, even in the pandemic, that you can ONLY contact Plusnet by phone and they don’t answer - unless you are prepared to sit on the line waiting for over an hour. You can sign up as easy as pie but then they’ve got you. All this for a connection speed of 2-6mbps connection, frequently dropping out. Our BT fibre is costing us far more but has been brilliant and I have had no trouble contacting them. Had no trouble with any other company during the pandemic - it’s just an excuse to cut staff.