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Earliest exit date?

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Earliest exit date?

I have received the mail telling me that I can no longer get Line Rental Saver, so wef 30/04/21 I will have this added to my monthly bill.


I am on a broadband contract with an end date of 31/05/21 - what is the earliest I can start moving away without incurring penalties?

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Re: Earliest exit date?

@rm3 In theory, you need to agree a contract with a new provider around 10 working days before your PN contract finishes, giving them the date you would like them to take over the service, but be aware that even though they will attempt to honour that, there could be circumstances outside their control which mean it might not happen - rare, but possible.

Also note that if that is the only reason you are moving, that AFAIK no ISP is offering discounted line rental, so you will still end up paying full price whoever you move to.

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Re: Earliest exit date?

  1. @rm3 

You pay for your broadband and line rental a month in advance. Consequently your last contracted payment will be taken on the 30th April. So if you leave after that date there should be no cancellation charge, you will simply lose the rest of the month’s paid for service.

Having said that you are so close to the end of your contract that cancellation charges will be quite small.

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