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Does Plusnet love ripping it's customers off? Awful.

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Does Plusnet love ripping it's customers off? Awful.

I've had a contract with Plusnet since 2013. I signed up for the 60mbit service (as it was originally called back then). However, I only get a 38mbit connection (at least that is the package they've given me on my account right now).

I've been charged £50 every single month. But unsurprisingly, fibre internet has gotten cheaper in that time. The packages advertised on the website are indeed cheaper. Yet, they have the gall to continue charging me the higher fee. The 78mbit package including line rental costs £32.50 for the 18 month contract! I'm being charged roughly £18 for line rental fees alone!


What a JOKE. I'm honestly extremely disappointed that a loyal customer such as myself has been swindled in such a manner. 


The fact the website doesn't let me change my internet package from the member section further reaffirms this. 

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Re: Does Plusnet love ripping it's customers off? Awful.

If you have had the contract since 2013 it will have expired there only 18 months long if you give customer services a call they can put you on a new contract closer to the current prices.