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Discount disappeared from March Bill

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Registered: ‎09-05-2019

Discount disappeared from March Bill


I have had 2 emails recently from Plusnet, one to tell me that my Broadband expires in May and to prompt me to renew. The second telling me that my March bill is available to view. Looking at my latest bill I see that my phone call package discount has disappeared. I am aware that phone package charges have increased, but see no reason for my contractual discount to be removed.

I have been a Plusnet customer for several years with no problems until my current contract period during which monthly billing has been horrendous, with charges seemingly plucked out of the air. The last 3 or so months had been fine, so I thought Plusnet had got their act together; but it seems that Plusnet are again making random decisions about charging

Because of the current Covid 19 issues, there is, understandably, a much limited customer interface - no online chat option, very limited voice options.

Anyone any ideas as to how I might get this sorted?