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Direct debit

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Direct debit

I am a ex customer. I left you after serving 30 days notice and the final bill was paid March. There is no outstanding money owed. So why have you emailed me today to say you are freezing my account, becuase my direct debit has been cancelled? Of course it's been cancelled! You have already taken the final bill in March. And final means final. And you actually cut that number off  the other month. So you know full well it doesn't function. Apparently Trustpilot has a number of ex Plusnet customers who are saying that they are still being billed and your company actually owes them money. So this isn't excactly an error on your part, nor the fact you ignore all those customer's complaints. What I read on there is shocking!  You have guaranteed that I will never come back to you and I will take legal action  if you don't stop this and close my online account and stop emailing me, or cause me any damage there will be no stopping what action I will take against you. 

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Re: Direct debit

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Re: Direct debit

Thanks a lot for getting in touch and I'm really sorry to hear this. I did try to call you this morning to discuss this but was not able to get through. I'll be sending you an an email regarding this complaint later on today and will continue to monitor the account over the next week or so. 


Please let me know if / when you're free for a call and I'll be happy to reach out. Smiley 

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