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Direct debit bill date help plss

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Direct debit bill date help plss

I’ve rang plusnet almost 20 times due to the fact that I didn’t get Internet for almost 6 months when I first signed up with them, so I don’t really want to deal with their customer service right now so would rather ask here first. It doesn’t seem like I have an actual charge date specifically. It hasn’t been an issue until now but my partner has recently changed jobs and money is tight so I need to know when money is going out of my account.

Is there a way of knowing the specific date each month that they will take the money out as every date has been different every month? Even if it is a different date every month that would be fine as long as I know the specific date or do I need to set a certain date with them over the phone? Thank you so much Smiley  

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Re: Direct debit bill date help plss

@CharlieCharman The account is due on your anniversary (start date) each calendar month, so if your contract started on (say) 01 November 2020, it would be due on 01 December/01 January etc. However, you should note that the payment is usually taken around 7? days later - this date is advised in your monthly notification - something like 'we will take this payment on or around 08 January', which will vary by a couple of days if there are are weekends or Bank Holidays in the period.