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Direct Debit

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Direct Debit

I currently don't have a direct debit set up as I pay manually at the end of every month, yet I've just had a direct debit come out of my account, after checking that there is no direct debit set up on either my bank account or on my plusnet account is there any reason this still came out?

Sorry if in the wrong place for this post I didn't see a billing section to put it in.
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Re: Direct Debit

That's strange, if you haven't set it up and it is not showing as active on your account?
I don't know if your bank does this, but with mine I can check what active DD's I have through internet banking.

There is an Accounts & Billing forum, which I think your thread may be better in. I'll ask the mods and let them decide if they think it should be moved.

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Re: Direct Debit

Moderators Note.

Moved to more appropriate board.
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Re: Direct Debit

Welcome to the community forums @Danoro

Do you have any card details stored on your account here?

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