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Direct Debit Was Cancelled

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Direct Debit Was Cancelled

Got a letter and an email to say that my direct debit was cancelled and it wasn't by me, but I'm guessing it's because that since I can't change my direct debit it was by PlusNet.
I also miss direct debits because I get paid at the end of each month, and I'm unable to keep extra money by so I have the money sitting in the bank waiting for it. So I'm rather happy it's been cancelled because I would rather pay an extra £1.50 to PlusNet than bank charges because I keep missing it, but the reason for this post is because I'm hoping a PlusNet advisor can tell me if it was PlusNet that cancelled the direct debit.
Plusnet Alumni (retired) orbrey
Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Direct Debit Was Cancelled

Hi there, just popped a ticket on your account that I hope helps explain for you.