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Detail of Calls Made

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Detail of Calls Made

It seems that Plusnet only reports on charged calls. Since I have an Anytime account, his means that I have no information at all about how many calls I've made, when, to whom and how long. I like to keep this info so I can work out how much belonging to Plusnet is saving me compared to my previous provider, whether the contract I'm on is the best deal, and whether it would be advantageous to switch to a different type of account, either with Plusnet or another provider. Preferably I'd like this information in a downloadable form which could then be loaded into an Excel spreadsheet or a database.
Is this possible with Plusnet?
If not, could it be made available as an option?
Thanks - Rowan
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Re: Detail of Calls Made

You can view the calls you've made, chargeable or not, on our website here:
There is also the option to download the call data as a csv file (which can be opened in excel) at the bottom of the page.
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 Chris Parr
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