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Definite problem (sometimes) when expiring credit card is renewed in advance - unreachable

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Definite problem (sometimes) when expiring credit card is renewed in advance - unreachable

Hi - posting here as usually PlusNet forums have 'proper' techies monitoring them, and they are best placed to escalate issues (and saves me phoning Support). Worth reading as very weird behaviour at PlusNet tech end.

11/02 I got a 'stored card details need updating' due to soon to expire card. Card was expiring end 02/19, and payment was due 04/03/19)

12/02 I updated with replacement card details (started 03/19, ends 02/22)

12/02 Got confirmation of 'payment details have been updated

*** I wonder if the issue is that on 12/02, the new Visa card was not in its valid period, so although one part of the PlusNet system accepted it, another did not? Lousy coding if so.***

01/03 get the 'we'll soon take payment' email.

and then, whilst away from home

06/03 Payment Reminder 'We've not been able to take payment..." The wording includes 'to avoid restrictions ... please make payment in the next 14 can pay online by logging into"

So, I arrive home, to find problems with browsing - works, so does and but not, or.....

....  (all latter default to which 'can't be displayed'.


So, the situation is that a) I already have had restrictions placed on the account before the end of the 14 day period, and - contrary to the email, I can't actually go online to to pay....

(Yes, IE and Firefox both had the same problems).

Fortunately, having an iPad with 3G, I was able to visit and enter (for a 2nd time) my CC details - and to be fair the restrictions were removed pretty fast, so hopefully back to normal now.



PlusNet have either

a) subcontracted their billing system coding to an incompetent 3rd party firm (Capita anyone?) who they are powerless to control or improve (given the litany of issues over a long period of time, or

b) got their own people to code the billing system, and they are being led by some incompetent manager who nobody has had the b*lls to fire yet

Whichever, the above is clearly faulty - and in all my years of brilliant service from PlusNet, this is the first time I can say that they have clearly dropped the ball.

Let's hope a techie here can pass the above experience on to a sane programmer to rectify. To spell the issues out:

1) sending a confirmation of CC being updated and then 'losing' the updated information is clearly wrong

2) dramatically restricting service within 2 days is not great, especially when - bizarrely - some sites remain accessible but others don't

3) not restricting the BBC, or Amazon or the Guardian.... but making your own billing site unreachable is clearly bonkers.


And I do hope that our credit history is not affected by the above, that would be the last straw.


Thanks for listening. Feel sorry for the customer facing staff who must have to deal with fallout from above.

Plusnet Alumni (retired)
Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Definite problem (sometimes) when expiring credit card is renewed in advance - unrea...

Hi @mag21 


I can see that the card ending 1002 w/ an expiry of 02/22 is the one we have stored on your account. 


For some reason or other, payment has not been able to be taken from this card, as per the info in this ticket. 


I would advise on making this payment manually whilst i pass your account and feedback over to the relevant department to investigate. 


You can pay online by logging in here and following the on-screen instructions or just call us on 0800 432 0200. 




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Registered: ‎29-01-2019

Re: Definite problem (sometimes) when expiring credit card is renewed in advance - unrea...

Hi MoR,

(As ever, one of the reasons I stay with Plus and recommend them to others is these forums and the constant presence of Plus staff which helps solve 95% of problems in record time - I hope management realise how vital this resource is and don't try to cost-cut the service...)


Thanks - shall phone to check why system is not accepting card, while suggesting it has.