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Data limit on existing account

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Data limit on existing account

I have an elderly disabled relative who historically has BT for phone & PlusNet for internet; it looks as if they are on a 1Gb/mth package! (£11?) but the Plusnet portal is not allowing access & they are just keeping paying by DD!

With ongoing lockdown I am trying to configure video (Skype/Facebook) for them but I think will need a higher data allowance.

Can someone confirm if the data limits on these historic style adsl accounts have been removed during the Covid crisis? (there was a posting saying that but no confirmation)

It will be easiest not to disturb anything by installing fibre/changing pone etc, so looking at knowing there is not a low limit or just altering the contract package.
I assume Plusnet has suitable provision in place to deal with these circumstances?  Could someone from PN message me as I've been unable to get through on the phone & your Chat just goes to a Bot!

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Re: Data limit on existing account

@ParentalHelp  Welcome to the forum.

If you follow this lik through it might give you a bir of background info.

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