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Cryptic Message from Plusnet about billing

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Cryptic Message from Plusnet about billing



I've just received the below message about my next bill, after almost a year on my current plan. I can't see what the issue may have been.  Bills of late have been correct as to the deal I'm on. I can't respond to the ticket or view my bills on the member centre. Very poor oder. Can anyone explain this or had a similar experience?

I suspect I am going to be overcharged on next bill.  Time will tell.


Any advice appreciated.  Best,





Hello Vincent,

Account username: 

Our Support Team have opened Question 208449182 to track an issue on your account.




Dear , Important information about your Plusnet bill.We?ve identified an issue which means we haven?t billed you correctly for your products and services with us. We?ve fixed the issue and will start charging you the correct amount from your next billing date.This means you will see some extra lines on your next bill as we adjust your charge to the correct amount. Any overpayments you have made will be taken off your next bill as an adjustment.We?re sorry for any inconvenience that may have been caused. Your charges will be updated automatically and you can check your account details online at Kind regards, Plusnet SupportAutoRef=AH-ATONT