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Credit Off My Bill

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Credit Off My Bill

This has happened a few times but i usually forget about it but i was chatting earlier about broadband etc which reminded me of an e-mail i got a couple of weeks ago. It said that i would be credited £6.99 from my bill which is due for payment on the 26th of this month, the problem is and this has happened a few times before, the credit is never taken off my bill. So this month i remembered so is it going to be taken off ?

Thanks In Advance


Plusnet Alumni (retired)
Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Credit Off My Bill

Hi there @Wizhunter Smiley You do get the credit off your bill, we are crediting the discount off the full price due to a billing issue on your account. It is advised here on your account. Hope this helps.

 Plusnet Help Team