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Cost implications of moving house

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Cost implications of moving house

I might move house, I might not, same area code.  I'm on adsl out of contract paying about £30 a month combined. New house is also adsl only.

 I could dump my phone number and sign up as a new customer at the new house (£19 with and a £75 gift card) or with another provider. 


Or I can do a house move with and keep my number but I've looked at the house move guide but can't quite work out what it means in practice price wise.


If I ask to move my phone number to new address what do I then pay for a new contract? Do I get offered a new 12 month contract for the new customer £19 a month price or do I have to sign a contract for the standard tarriff price of £30 something pounds a month? I imagine I will have to pay £50 to reconnect the new phone line but I'm resigned to that.


They also mention a house move charge if I don't sign up to a new contract but don't give any indication of what that is.


I may have to give in an phone them. Anyone know how it all works? Thanks


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Re: Cost implications of moving house

Hi @zxcvbnm,

The best thing to do would be to give our House Moves Team a call on 0800 013 2632 to discuss this further. The team can be reached between the hours of 8AM-8PM from Monday to Friday, 9AM-7PM on Saturdays and 9AM-6PM on Sundays.

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Re: Cost implications of moving house


I’ve got some sales experience so I thought I’d chip in. 

To do this as a house move, if you’d want to stay out of contract you can pay us a house move fee of £65 and potentially an installation fee of £49.99.

The installation fee won’t be applicable if there’s a working line or a stopped BT line at your new property. Note though that if there’s a stopped LLU line (generally if the last provider was TalkTalk or Sky but there are others) then the installation fee will still be applicable. This covers the cost for an engineer to activate the phone line onto the equipment we’d use at the exchange.

If you recontract on a house move offer, we’ll waive these fees. This offer will undoubtedly be more expensive than a new customer deal but still competitive with in mind that we’d be waiving the one-off charge(s).

Also if you haven’t already, I’d double check by putting both your current and new addresses into the availability checker Here to check the exchanges as just because your properties may be in the same area code, they may be served by different exchanges. It’s rare but I’ve seen it happen. If they are you won’t be able to transfer your landline number across.

Obviously there’s also the alternative you’ve suggested. If you do go down this route, I’d bear in mind when cancelling an account we’d need 14 days notice. Also assuming the exchanges are the same, we may be able to renumber your line at your new address to the number you had at your current one for £36.63.

I hope this helps. Smiley

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