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Copyrighted material notice unable to find out more

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Registered: ‎27-04-2020

Copyrighted material notice unable to find out more

I have had a somewhat unhelpful email telling me my connection has been used to share copyrighted material.

Only myself and my wife live here, so, unlikely to be us and unbeknown to us.

I have reset my system, put new wireless passwords into effect, but want to find out more.

The email says 'raise a ticket' with a hyperlink, this does not take me to a page where I can raise a ticket.

I cant find anyway of doing this.

the online help, is offline (and has been for days)

the phone line says they cant take my call and look on their internet pages.....


I recognise that its a difficult time, but this is worrying me, and I cant seem to get any help.


All other topics start off where they have gotten the info on what they have allegedly shared.

Frankly, Id like to get it logged that I dont think this is us (the neighbours do have teenage boys, i wonder if they have gotten onto my wifi) and if possible clear my name.