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Cooling Off Period

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Cooling Off Period

I have just ordered fibre with home phone and looking forward to getting it installed. I don't see there being any issues as I have done my homework and Plusnet looks like a great choice, however I was wondering what cooling off period is given to new orders? I have read conflicting evidence, some people say 7 days from when installed and some say there ins't one at all.
Also I notice that there is an 18 month contract, it states that you have to pay for the router if you leave before twelve months and also the early termination charges for each month remaining?
Does this mean for example if I cancel three months in I will need to pay for the router and 15 months subscription to walk away from Plusnet? Does this situation change at all after 12 months or is it simply the same without the charge for the router?
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Re: Cooling Off Period

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There is no cooling off period, once the service is installed that's it - you *may* be able to cancel before your installation without penalty.
Your examples are correct, before 12 months any charges for router and subscription after 12 months just the subscription

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