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Contract renewal more info

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Contract renewal more info

I have an offer to renew my contract.  If I take this offer, does anyone know if I get new hardware too? 

I have been having issues getting hold of anyone at Plusnet, I call but I get stuck on hold.  The online chat is never working and I don't use Twitter.

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Re: Contract renewal more info

HI - Basis my recent contract renewal ( mid July ) they did not offer a new hub One  - so suspect the answer will be NO.


Though you might try haggling when you speak to contracts  try "The I'm thinking of Leaving option "when calling them


Depending on how many users / bits of kit are trying to access the Wi-fi on your current hub at anyone time  - you may consider getting hold of a BT HH6 from your friendly ebay seller as they perform much better than the PN hub and are well supported in the forums.

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Re: Contract renewal more info


Welcome to the forums.

I doubt you will by default get a new router, but as you are wanting to do a new contract they might give you one.

Chat is no longer available sadly for anything then new customer enquiries.

Twitter, Facebook and these forum are now it seems the main communication channels, phoning can have a long wait.

As you are wanting to renew/discuss your options you could try calling customer options direct on 0800 013 2632, hopefully a shorter wait then normal customer service line.

Best of luck.