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Contract ends - notice

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Contract ends - notice

My broadband / phone contract ends on 6th April 2019. I wish to change to another provider at the end of my contract. I understand it normally takes about 2 weeks for the change to take place. (Im leaving because my internet access keeps dropping and Plusnet nor I  have been unable to resolve it. Hopefully a new provider will resolve the issue I have) 

1. If I start the process now (3 weeks before the end of the contract) will I be charged for leaving early or just forfeit the few days to the end.

2. If I change after the end of the contract date will Plusnet just charge me for the days after the 6th April and not the whole month.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Contract ends - notice

1. I think I'm right in saying that the PN billing system will automatically apply an early termination fee, and that you'll have to ask for this to be removed; you have after all paid the entire cost of the contract by the time you leave.

2. If your migration takes place after the end of your contract, you'll be charged a month at the full, i.e. out-of-contract rate and the overpayment will be refunded.

If you are moving to an ISP using the BT network, do not cancel with PN, just sign up with the new one and let them handle the migration, and if you are due a refund it's quicker to leave your DD active so PN can refund your money directly into your bank account.

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Re: Contract ends - notice

Hi @tightlines1,


I'm sorry to hear that we have been unable to remedy your service issue.


If you request your service to be taken over by a 3rd party provider on the date your contract ends there will be no early termination charge. Should their take over be delayed we charge for the full month but refund your pro rata days. Realistically you will only pay for the days that you remain with ourselves at the standard price.


Should you require further assistance please feel free to get back in touch as we are more than happy to help.


Kind Regards