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Contract end date

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Contract end date

My contract with Plusnet ends on 10th August 2021. Plusnet state "Once you get to the end of your contract, you can leave free of charge, and either switch to another provider or cancel your service by giving us 14 days' notice." I wish to switch to another provider so when is the soonest that I can switch? Can I arrange the switchover to be 10th August or does it have to be 14 days after this date? This would mean paying Plusnet for 2 weeks at the full price after the contract ends. which in effect effect means the contract length is 12 and half months not 12 months.

Why should I have to give 14 days notice after the contract ends? Surely once the contract ends I should be free to leave, without giving any notice.

Can anyone tell me if I can set up the switch over to be the date the contract ends and not be charged by Plusnet for the 14 day notice period?


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Re: Contract end date


Welcome to the forum.

As you pay for your service in advance your contract  is already paid up to the conclusion.

Consequently the very worst that will happen if you leave now is that there will be no rebate for the days after you leave.up to the 10th. Seeing as there are only 8 days left it’s more likely that you will not move before this end date. If this happens you will be charged the full out of contract monthly price. You should then be refunded for the days after you leave when your account  is closed.

If you are moving to another provider who uses the BT infrastructure then don’t close your account but leave it to your new ISP to handle the change, which should automatically close the Plusnet service.

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Re: Contract end date

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