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Contract clarification

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Contract clarification


got a massive increase on my bill due to the contract ending, Called, got a better deal, and received two emails, the first without the discounted price as clear as day, the second relating to my contract was a little garbled, (£8.99per month) There is no way of emailing Plusnet to get written confirmation, I do not trust their "chat" messages, I can't find anywhere to ask for the contract to be mailed to me and Xmas new year is eating into my 14 days? is there any way of contact I've missed? or just cancel and walk away?


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Re: Contract clarification

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Re: Contract clarification

@Baza, exactly the same issue with me but sorted it via chat within 5 min and have email confirmation of refund and confirmation that new 18 month contract Inc line rental was £ that were originally agreed, did wonder at the time if chat would sort it but appears to have worked, give it a try before they shut down and ask for email transcript of chat.
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Re: Contract clarification

Hi @Baza, I'm sorry to see there are some formatting errors on the confirmation you've received.


I've raise a new ticket for this here:


I hope this helps.

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