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Contract Renewal Confusion

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Contract Renewal Confusion

I received an email recently from Support about my contract which expires at the end of Sept.

Included was an offer for £22.99 inc Line Rental which I decided to take as it is less than my current £9.99 + Line Rental (I use Line Rental Saver):

Our best price for you

Unlimited Fibre broadband and line rental for just £22.99 a month. 18 month contract.

The price above includes line rental. This price will be reduced by the current monthly line rental price set out in our Price Guide until your line rental saver expires, at which point you will pay the monthly line rental price set out in our Price Guide at that time or you may choose to retake line rental saver to continue saving on your line rental. We will contact you 60 days before your line rental saver expiry date.


So I went through the site and accepted the renewal offer, all seemed well until I got the email confirming the order:

We're sending this email to confirm the details of your new contract and special offer price.

Your special offer price

From 01/09/2020, your monthly subscription will be £28.49 for 18 months. 
Following this your monthly subscription will be £35.98. 
When your Line Rental Saver contract expires, you'll also start paying £19.99 monthly line rental.


Which suggests that my Bill will be £28.49 + £19.99 (If I don't renew my LRS) which bears no resemblance to the offer I accepted.

Is this just a glitch? Will this be sorted once I get my first bill or should I try and get through on the phone (chat is not working)?


Peter Carroll

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Re: Contract Renewal Confusion


If it was me I would get on to Plusnet asap and would not wait for the first bill as it should be simpler to sort it now rather than when they may well bill you incorrectly. You could try ringing the Customer Options Team on 0800 0132632 as they deal with recontracts etc., (rather than the normal Plusnet Customer Services number) as that is usually answered more quickly.

Live Chat has been ceased by Plusnet even though some links still appear on their website.

Plusnet do seem to be having problems with recontracting and getting recontracts to complete fully in accordance with the offers they make and customers accept. There are numerous posts about such issues.

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Re: Contract Renewal Confusion


I got through on that number straight away and a helpful chap applied the original offer no problem.

Just waiting on the confirmation emails to come through.

Hopefully it all works out. I will let you know what happens.






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Re: Contract Renewal Confusion

I think it's fair to say that Plusnet's auto-email system is not very 'joined up', to put it mildly.

I accepted a good offer via the account portal for a new 18 month contract on 13th August, and received a confirmation email confirming the details.

On 27th August I received another email titled 'Here's your personal account review', which advised me that my charges would increase from October as my current contract ended then!

DD due on 4th September - hopefully no nasty surprises...


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Re: Contract Renewal Confusion

Yes when I asked the support guy about the discrepancy he said "The systems are cheese"

Says it all, probably better to just call them directly.