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Contract Expiry Date

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Registered: ‎30-11-2015

Contract Expiry Date

Why does PN make it so difficult to check the expiry date of their contract. it should be readily available, so where is it.

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Re: Contract Expiry Date

Hi there,


That's some thing we would need to find out for you.


I've just added ticket 148295245 to your account with the contract end date.

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 Adam Walker
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Re: Contract Expiry Date

You have my sympathy seatonsurfer.  About 12 months ago I logged in to review my account as my contract was coming to an end. Can you imagine an outfit in which the term 'award winning' is littered all over the place on the website not allowing you to access the details of your contract with its terms in relation to what you are paying for, when it expires, etc! How do they get away with it and claim to be award winning!

So I had to phone and to be truthful had my enquiry answered. PN is one of these outfits that put you off contacting them easily, instead that run a community where you can ask questions but about nothing personal. I've never found live-chat available during the day. I've never logged on again since a year ago as it does nothing for my blood pressure. As far as I can see you can't check your usage for previous months, even the latest month was denied me on the grounds I think that my month is coming to an end.

Along with some others I had a beef about it all 12 months but nothing's changed. It's insulting.  

In contrast O2 is wonderful online and in live-chat. I dealt with them yesterday and the contrast is remarkable and stark.