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Contract Ending - Switch to other provider

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Contract Ending - Switch to other provider

I have received an email saying my contract ends 5th April.  My bill was 6th March which I believe is up front payment until 5th April?

I will be switching provider, I assume that as the final month has been paid then I can initiate the switch now with new provider for a date after 14 days and will not be charged any fees for leaving prior to the end date?


Thanks for any help.

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Re: Contract Ending - Switch to other provider

@cymglo That is correct - you will receive a final invoice within 21 days of account closure, which will detail any refunds/payments due.

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Re: Contract Ending - Switch to other provider

You will receive your normal bill on 6th April which will include any call charges for the last month and the phone line / broadband charge for the month of April.  Billing is prepared in advance of billing date and the date of your move will not be known until it actually happens.  This ensures that you are not without a service from the 6th April until your new provider gets things sorted.  There is always some risk that BT Openreach cannot (do not) make the swap on your planned date.

After it has happened you will receive a pro-rata refund as described by @jab1 .

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