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Contract End - Leaving Plusnet

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Contract End - Leaving Plusnet


My Broadband & phoneline service contracts both end on 29 July.  I am moving my phoneline(with number) & broadband service to another supplier,they will take over the services on 31 July.  I have received an email from plusnet saying they have been informed about the phone service but not as yet the broadband service.  I would like to confirm the new supplier will also be providing my broadband service.  The email also mentions early termination charges of £3.66 for my phone service, how can this be when my contract expires on 29 July?  My billing date is on the 2nd of each month, and on my last bill(2nd July)l I was charged £2.81 more than usual I believe this covers the period from the 29 July - 2 August, when my next bill would have been due.  There is also mention of line rental saver being non returnable, but I have not payed this since last year, & it ends on 29 July 2019, I hope plusnet have not tried to take this again automatically?  I'd appreciate some advice from a help team member.


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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Contract End - Leaving Plusnet

Hi @sw1


Thank you for getting in touch. 


When moving providers we don't send a separate notification for your broadband migration as once your line is taken the broadband will automatically cease. 


In regards to any final fees. This will be fully calculated 20 days after your physical service has ceased. Any pro-rata refund due back to yourself will be processed or any outstanding fees to ourselves may be requested. 


I have duplicated this message via ticket for you as at this moment in time, we wouldn't be able to provide further information as you have not yet left ourselves nor the final fees generated. 


Kind Regards