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Constant Overcharging

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Constant Overcharging

I have been having on going problems with PlusNet overcharging me on my monthly bills and I am struggling to understand how they can continue to do this and not give me my money back.

I took out a 18 month contract that started in December 2017 that was meant to be £26 a month for broadband. Nine months later I realised that PlusNet had been overcharging me by about £9 each month since taking out the contract. I contacted PlusNet who gave me a refund of the overcharged amount and a 3 month special offer, which I was happy and appreciative of.

However, once those 3 months were over, again they started overcharging me. I contacted PlusNet who have told me that they will continue overcharging me until the billing team fix the problem and I will then get a refund. I have been overcharged for about 4 months now without my money back or any idea when this problem will be fixed.

How can PlusNet do this? I am sure they would have something to say if I wasn't paying my bill yet they can take additional money off me each month and not fix the problem.

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Re: Constant Overcharging

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Re: Constant Overcharging

Hi @Laura91 Thanks for getting in touch I am sorry to hear about the issues with the billing on your account and to see this has continued. I have addressed your query further via your account here


If you have any questions please do not hesitate to let me know.



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Re: Constant Overcharging

You can ask for a full refund from your bank, but beware Pnet in its usual "we will do you proud" style likely restrict your service, when it is not your fault and you are giving them an interest free loan.


You can alsoask fo r a deadlock letter from them because they have not  been able to put the problem right and contact the Ombudsman Services (deadlock letter prefered but if PN will not give one try without) and let them sort it out.


You can also contact BACS who are the operators of the  DD scheme. Remind them that Pnet only give 3 days not ice and that the DD cannot be altered once notified and that you will get your service retsricted if you ask fr o bank to r  efund and that they have given no  timetable for you t o get a r efund from them.

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Re: Constant Overcharging

Hi @Laura91,


I'm sorry you've experienced so many issues. 


Obviously a large part of the billing issues were resolved when a refund of the over payment was issued back to you in bulk via a check. That looks to have been actioned late last year, and I think you've touched on that a little in your opening post - this wasn't an ideal solution as it shouldn't have been required in the first place.


When that was organised we had intended to add the discounts on to ensure any remaining moths would take the effect that was initially intended (the reduced cost), but we introduced a new billing platform which unfortunately had some issues affecting a number of customers. Part of this affected contracts being activated on account and in turn some customer were billed incorrectly. In your case it was a situation of bad timing and having to wait until the open problem was fixed. This is actually now fixed and Satta has added discounts to cover the remaining months and a credit to cover the amounts since the previous bulk cheque which should balance everything out for you. 


I am really sorry you've had a problem, it isn't acceptable but hopefully the credits and the refund should balance out the billing so that you end up paying for the service at the price you expected. If you feel this is not the case then please do let us know and we'll do our best to try and rectify the matter further for you.