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Confusion over expected charging during coronavirus

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Confusion over expected charging during coronavirus


I'm on the 10GB per month call plan, paying £5 once I go over and then another £5 for every extra 5GB. This has been fine for my domestic needs. However, now I have to work at home I'm suddenly using about 3x as much capacity per day.

On 23/03 Plusnet sent the message "Our response to Coronavirus" which said "you might have one of our older broadband plans with capped usage, but don’t worry you won’t get any additional data charges during this time." This gave me the impression that I would not be charged for going over. However, upon going over (latest 5GB used up on 27/03) I received a message saying that I would be charged another £5 for the next 5GB as usual.

So I'm confused now. Which is true? If I will be charged, and as this looks set to continue for a while, I may change my call plan. Please clarify. Thanks.

Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Confusion over expected charging during coronavirus


Hi @Masheroonie, I am sorry for any confusion caused.


The emails you are receiving are automated and so please do disregard these, I have double checked and cannot see that a charge has actually been added. If you  do have any issues at all however, please do just get back to us.

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 Lauren Barry
 Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Confusion over expected charging during coronavirus

You still seem to be sending out those automated warnings about exceeding capped usage - I've just received one on a 60Gb capped package.  Since I haven't had any emails about this since the one you sent in March which is quoted in the first post, I'm assuming that I can ignore the warning - but it would be reassuring if you could confirm that, and if possible work out how to kill the automated posts - or if you are too busy to modify the code that's sending them, at least add a line to the text of the automated message (which can't be a big programming task?) saying Please ignore this automated message at present.