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Confusing Product information

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Confusing Product information

On the member centre home page i get a link saying, "Switch to Unlimited Fibre Extra for £20.99 per month."


My current product is "Unlimited Fibre", for which I pay £20.99 per month


On the Broadband product page, the difference between the two products with the same name as these, is 36 vs 66 Mbs, neither of which is £20.99 per month.

As far a I remember, when I signed up for Unlimited Fibre, there was no "Extra" product

Out of curiosity, if i follow the upgrade link, the Choose Your Broadband page just offers me the option to keep the package I already have.


So what do I have?  A legacy product, that has the same name as a current product, but with the features of the "Extra Product".?Huh


Very confusing


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Re: Confusing Product information

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Re: Confusing Product information

Hi @leahk

It may have been that your line originally couldn't access the higher speeds, as such we wouldn't offer the product to you. If you're now able to get those speeds then the product will become available to you.


I hope that helps, let me know if you need anything else.

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Re: Confusing Product information


What I believe Plusnet are trying is to get you to upgrade to Fibre Extra at £20.99 per month PLUS line rental at £18.99 per month. If you look at the Legal Bit on the Plusnet site you will find this under fibre extra:

After the 12 month period you'll pay the standard price for your Unlimited Fibre Extra Broadband (currently £20.99 a month in low cost areas otherwise £28.49 a month), phone package and line rental

If you are out of contract you should find the lowest price from a competitor then ring Plusnet Customer Services and select the 'I'm thinking of leaving' option. Quote the competitors price and ask Plusnet to match it. You will get a far better deal. Do not bother to quote Plusnet's new customer deals, that doesn't wash! If you're currently under contract then wait until it expires.

To check if you would benefit from upgrading put your phone number in here to see the speed that your line will support:


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Re: Confusing Product information



Can you give me a bit of information on the following figures obtained from the BT line checker.

Range A  High downstream 50.8. Low 35

Range B  High downstream 49.3 Low 32.4

Range A is clean Range B is impacted.

I understand the figures but how would I know the speed any other ISP could offer me unless I was a customer.

My current line speeds with PN are in the 30 range.


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Re: Confusing Product information

This is the speed range that the link between your property and the BT street cabinet will sustain, so this will be exactly the same regardless of which ISP you go to, assuming of course that they use the BT infrastructure. Obviously cable operators (should you have one in your area) will be different.



When you say your speed is in the 30 range, what do you get? this seems to be a bit low unless it's the high thirties..

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Re: Confusing Product information

Hi, Same here, looked at the logged in / member offers and saw that the fibre extra package was now only £2 more than basic fibre, so I thought for that amount I would upgrade, however when I  called Plusnet CS they said actually it would cost me £5 to upgrade from my existing package to extra, so not much of an offer for existing customers I would suggest ... as you say, confusing !