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Confusing Package names

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Confusing Package names

Trying to determine which package I am on I went to the Member Centre where it is called "Plusnet Essentials (Contracted)". In the List of Legacy Packages at I see packages called "Plusnet Essentials / Essentials Fibre" and "Plusnet Essential", but not the one named in my account. I surmise from the absence of a Static IP option under my Add-ons that "Plusnet Essentials (Contracted)" must be more like "Plusnet Essentials / Essentials Fibre" than "Plusnet Essential" and you have two different legacy packages distinguished only by the presence or absence of a single letter, and not by whole words which follow it.

Was this a good idea at the time?


Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Confusing Package names

Hi @kjpetrie,


Apologies for any confusion caused by the package names.


If you're on "Plusnet Essentials (Contracted)" this is the package you've seen on the list of legacy products called Plusnet Essentials.

The bit at the end "(Contracted)" is simply because it will have been a contracted option when the package was taken out, as opposed to the No Contract equivalent of the same package.

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