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Confused about Payment Reminder

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Confused about Payment Reminder

Hi there,


I received a payment reminder email, and as a result I attempted to make a payment, only to find that my access to had been removed.  I could access many other domains and sites, but not the one I needed to get to in order to make a payment.  (Other domains - some vital to my work - were redirecting to subdomains, and were also blocked.  I was not amused by this)


After half an hour on my mobile, I made a payment and access was fully restored.  So, I guess my question is, what the heck, dude?  Why specifically block the one site you actually want me to visit?  Can you reassure me that next time I get a payment reminder saying "Please pay within 14 days" you will wait 14 days before removing my ability to pay?

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Re: Confused about Payment Reminder

Unfortunately if you read the forum you will see several posts on the same theme 🤔 its a common occurrence for over 12 months , and no doubt you will be back here next month  🙄