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Confused. Hi Plusnet...please advise on any termination fees

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Confused. Hi Plusnet...please advise on any termination fees



Can someone please confirm if moving to another supplier would incur cancellation charges for me please? I did get an email from you saying "If you decide to leave before the end of your current contract you can do so without paying any early termination fees" but that seems to be in conflict with some of the Ts & Cs on PN website.

Please advise. Any info requred please ask. Thanks!

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Re: Confused. Hi Plusnet...please advise on any termination fees

Hi @piattj 

I've no access to your account, but have a couple of bits that might help.  Do you know if you are still within your minimum terms of your contract?  (ie have you been with Plusnet for at least the amount of time that your contract said when you signed up?).  You used to be able to see details of that here, though it isn't on a couple of my accounts though they aren't within the minimum term at the moment, which might be why.

The email that you refer to, when did you receive that, and what else did it say?  The only time I can remember anything like that is when Plusnet have changed the contract (usually putting the price up mid contact) and you're given 30 days notice of the change, and the chance to get out of your contract during that period if you don't agree to the change.

I'm less sure on this bit, but something like that might be in the email they send our towards the end of your contract telling you that your contract is coming to an end and offering you a new deal.  As that is happening a little before the end of the minimum term, they might have something like that in there. I've none of those emails to hand to check it out though.




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