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Complaint - passing on information about Debt Management company to Plusnet as asked

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Registered: ‎28-03-2020

Complaint - passing on information about Debt Management company to Plusnet as asked

Dear Plusnet Customer Services,


Your phone lines just go through to a recorded message saying 'can't take your call at the moment', so I need someone to pick this up for me from this forum please.


I have a long standing open complaint with you (despite you closing it off several times).


If you look at my account (00004133277), you'll see that I (attempted) to move over to your fibre broadband way back last year and you'll see all the calls I put in.


You customer service was appalling and in the end I was forced to change provider. Because your customer service was so appalling (failing to call me back several times, leaving me at home unable to work or earn money on several occasions) I will not pay the early termination fee as you have failed to fulfil your part of the contract around customer service.


When I called on the 6th March and spoke to 'Bill', although very sympathetic and agreeing that it was inappropriate for Plusnet to charge ('the full' as he put it) early termination fee he could not do anything about it as it had been passed to one of your debt management companies and he couldn't see which one!

He suggested I contact you again when the debt management company contacted me, so that you could get in contact with them to 'pull back the case'.

(Once again, you are expecting ME to help with your poor processes, procedures and tools).

This week I finally got an email from PastDueCredit Solutions, North Avenue, Clydesdale Business Park, Glasgow. G81 2LA.

So - they are the credit/debt company you have farmed this out to. Please contact them, and cancel this debt. Please call me or email me to acknowledge that you have received this 'forum submission'.


Please read the chronology below going back to November 2019 (I have taken the time to write it out so that you cans ee how infuriating I have found this experience)


1. I received a confirmation email from Plusnet regarding ‘new hardware’ - the replacement router for ‘Fibre’


2 circa 11:00 After several days of success with the new router on Sun 8th , connectivity was lost. I called and spoke to Gary (I think). His testing diagnosed that there was a fault that did not require a visit to the property. He suggested it could be a ‘configuration problem’ at the green steet-side box. He added that there was an upto 72-hour service level response time and so, perhaps, we would have no connectivity till Wed 11th Dec.


3. circa 11:00 I called to check that the Technician was still planning to complete the work that day (as it had not been completed already, I concluded that it was going to require the full 72 hours!). I spoke to Ryan (I think) He re-did some testing. He concluded, differently to Gary, that it would in-fact, require a visit to the property. I explained that this was not what I had expected. I was not home that day. Ryan seemed sure though, that it would need an on-site visit. He arranged for a visit the next day – Thu 12th December, between 08:00 and 13:00 (I was most suspicious that the problem was ‘property’ related, as the property had already successfully connected via your fibre, however, I was not in a position to review Ryan’s test results so, reluctantly had to agree)


4. ~08:00 James, from Openreach attended the property. He confirmed that the phone line to the property was fine. He suggested fitting a new internal junction box that would provide greater separation between the DSL line and the phone lines as “fibre, because it is faster, can be more sensitive to interference from the phone lines”

5. After James left, we had connectivity for almost three days…...then it stopped again

6. Over the weekend 14th/15th December I called and spoke with Eden (and Ivan I think), and ‘testing’ concluded that an Openreach technician should visit. I explained that this had already been done. I think I made reference to ‘Ground Hog day’ as it appeared that the last week had been ‘wiped’ from Plusnet staff’s collective memory. However, was assured that a visit was in fact required and this was booked for Thu 19th December 08:00 – 13:00 As you can imagine, having already lost half a days pay, this was most disappointing. Also, I was unconvinced that a visit would resolve issues – based on James’ (from Openreach) comments it appeared that Gary’s diagnosis (back on the 8th December) was more likely correct and issues would not be resolved properly till the street-side green box had had a configuration change.


7. 09:05 Spoke to Brendan to confirm that Openreach Technician would still be arriving between 08:00 and 13:00. Brendan confirmed that a technican would be coming. I continued to wait in.

9. 13:30 Spoke to Alex to highlight that no one had yet come. He explained that the technician had been ‘pulled off’ and so the appointment had been re-scheduled to ‘PM’ No one had informed me! Alex said that the technician may come in the afternoon – I explained that I couldn’t be in any longer – work commitments. At this point I highlighted that I wanted to cancel my Fibre contract and go back to a ‘no contract’ broadband and wanted to speak to a manager – no one available! Alex arranged for a manager to call me at 15:00 I had lost another half day’s pay. My lodger (upon whom’s rent I rely on to pay the mortgage) politely explained that she was having to make alternative arrangements as her work was being effected….and she would be looking for some recompense regarding the rent. My two daughters had warned me that morning that if the connectivity could not be reliable then it would be difficult for them to spend Christmas with me (their mother and I are divorced).

10. 15:00 NO CALL received!

11. 15:45 I called again. Spoke to Jay, He said a manager would call me in 5 minutes

12. 16:35 I called again. Adam said a manager would call me back in 30 mins.

13. From ~ 17:00 to ~ 18:00 Several calls from Openreach (missed two of them I think before finally being able to pick-up) informing me that the technician ‘would be unable to get to me today’. I explained that it was not much use informing me after the technician had already failed to visit. I requested an appointment the following morning – the operator said there was no appointment available till the afternoon – I was already committed on the afternoon of the 20th so I declined.

14. 18:30 I called again. Spoke to Syed. I wanted to make sure that the ‘account’ was highlighted as having a compliant in progress and having the contract cancelled. Syed put me through to Simon. Simon was on ‘technical support’ so wasn’t sure why I had been put through to him! Simon said there was in fact an appointment available for tomorrow morning and booked it. I reconfirmed that I wanted to get off Fibre, back to a no-contract standard broadband as I felt I must leave to another supplier.


15. 09:15 I called again. Spoke to Dennis. He assured me that the Openreach technician was still expected to call that morning

16. Circa 10:00 The Openreach Technician did turn up. It was James again! The same chap who had come last Thursday! He apologised and seemed genuinely embarrassed. He explained that there was no record on the system that he has visited and ‘fixed’ the problem last week. He felt it very unlikely that there was anything that could be done further at the property but “went through the diagnostics as per process”. As he expected, the connection to the property proved to be perfect. He concluded that there must be a problem ‘at the box’ in the street – possibly a ‘port configuration’. He would arrange to have it investigated. (See Gary’s conclusion way back on the 8th December!)


17. Circa 17:00 Spoke to ‘Bill’ to take up the 'charge' that Plusnet wanted em to pay for 'early termination'. He explained that he couldn’t work out which debt agency my case had been passed on to. He advised to call again once I had received a letter. Bill agreed that I had cause to at least reduce the bill


18. Circa 11:00 Attempted to call in order to pass on details of debt company. Received an email from them this week. (PastDueCredit Solutions, North Avenue, Clydesdale Business Park, Glasgow. G81 2LA). However – phone lines not open – recorded message only. So….posted a ‘topic’ on the Plusnet forum for Customer Services.