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Coming to end of discount period can someone quote ?

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Coming to end of discount period can someone quote ?

Asked question over phone but had several different prices so basically ...
Ive been with plusnet for a few years now as has  most of family one of the main reasons for that has been that unlike some other isps we dont have to sign up for a long term contract but obviously now as the discount to stay / match  last year is shortly ending the cost would put it much higher than others if it returned to full cost which I have been told it must do if I wont sign up to a 12 monthly or over contract as then no discounts can be added plus if I ask for a migration code then I would lose all discounts on account at the moment  Shocked  as there is still one period to go and I am still awaiting a refund of the missed discount for this month too that makes it confusing .
Therefore could someone quote me via pm or whatever for after my current 12 month discount ends (one to go) the total cost of same package Im on now phone , evening/weekends plus 60gb is still enough as we never go over if I stayed with Plusnet after April ON A NO CONTRACT basis as I am now , the worry is that I am now concerned that stopping or accepting anything different from full price  over the phone Id be agreeing to a long term contract anyway
Although I can see why Plusnet would like the idea of 12 monthly and Ive been with plusnet for several years Ive never liked the idea of longterm contracts due to problems in the past  or unforeseen circumstances arrive and maybe having to pay large amounts to end contract  surely having been with you for several years is a sign of "we require some commitment from you too"  anyway one of the big benefits with plusnet as an isp and phone for me has been no long term contract although I know that the companies offering that are getting rarer  Smiley
Is it best to open a ticket to see cost in writing or I hope someone here from plusnet sales or accounts could please PM me an exact cost or options please  as it can get a little too confusing on phone for me how to avoid agreeing to a long term contract by me agreeing to a different price (or not) than I am on with nothing in writing an then find I cannot move if I wanted to or needed too without major cost  which is one of the reasons I stopped with and recommended plusnet anyway  Smiley
Fair enough if thats no longer possible without paying a premium but without a definite price with no long term contract its hard to decide when considering options  Cry  Smiley
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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Coming to end of discount period can someone quote ?

Hi ARone,
Once the discount is done the subscription cost for the broadband would go up to £17.99 a month plus the line rental at £13.99 a month - £31.98 a month in total. That would be continuing on a 10 day rolling contract.
You would be able to stay on a no contract option as your service is ADSL2+ (it's only fibre that doesn't offer a no contract option). I couldn't really comment on what's been offered by our COT team, though I hope there are some offers that you find tempting.
Hope that helps.