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Charging higher tariff than quoted

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Registered: ‎09-10-2013

Charging higher tariff than quoted

Recently joined Plus net from BT and was hoping for better customer service and prices.  When I signed up all seemed to be fine but then problems just started rolling in!  After 2 months I asked if i could switch on to the unlimited package from essentials and told I could if I started a new contract and I would be given the same discount as I had with existing package and I had until 10/10/13 to decide.  Well today I get an email message telling me they are taking a wack of money from my account for the new package before I had even made up my mind AND it was at the full price, no discount applied.  Spent too much time today speaking to poor customer support and waiting for supervisor to call bit who didn't bother to get back as I was told they would!    Fortunately i have held on to all the emails from Plus net but that is really not the point, why can't they just get it right for once?????????
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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Charging higher tariff than quoted

Hi there, it looks from the tickets on your account that you requested a change to Unlimited on the 17th September - that's why the account change went ahead. I'm very sorry about the discounts not being added though, I've added the £3 discount for the next 10 months as per the original offer when you signed up. Hope that sorts things, and sorry the upgrade went through a day earlier than you expected.