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Charging for no service

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Charging for no service

In march and april after  returning home after a heart  bypass x4  for two weeks i had no dial tone   of course i was allmost house bound and with poor mobile reception i needed the  telephone  in case of a emergency (there was a possibilty of a another heart attack)  but they still took monies out of my account in full,  then I had no broadband for 2 weeks  which i was relying on  being more or less house bound  , and yes they took monies out of my account in full  , all this while on stat sick pay  but they are keen to cut you off and add a surcharge to you bill if your late . shame on you PlusNet

Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Charging for no service

Hi @monkeynut23 welcome to the community forums.


I'm sorry to hear you experienced a fault with your service, especially after returning home after a heart bypass.


Unfortunately faults can occur from time to time, however we would not necessarily be aware of a fault unless this is brought to our attention by the customer. Invoices generated after a fault would not be reduced as we charge for services in advance, so downtime for faults would usually be refunded back to you.


I'm sorry to see you did not receive a refund for the downtime you experienced, however I'll go over your account now and ensure the refunds are issued as soon as possible for you.

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 Harry Beesley
 Plusnet Help Team