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Charges for uninstalled Broadband

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Charges for uninstalled Broadband


Last month, I applied to have a Plusnet Broadband package installed at my home, which would involve installing a line.  Following this, due to the Covid-19 Coronavirus outbreak, I was told over the phone by a Plusnet Advisor that my original installation date of today - 14/04/2020, would have to be deferred to a later date, which would be arranged after the lock down was lifted.  This, I can understand, but in the meantime, I have received two texts informing me that my Broadband service is due to become active by midnight on 17/04/2020, which obviously, it is NOT, because as yet, no line has been installed and I have not received a router either.  I can understand the delay due to the current virus crisis, and I can understand when companies send out generic communications, but I am concerned after these texts that from 17/04/2020 I will be CHARGED for a service I am not yet receiving.  I wanted to put this concern to you as I cannot get through to Customer Services at present, and I also need to have some evidence IN WRITING, that I have not yet got a service installed, and therefore, should NOT BE CHARGED FOR IT until such time as it is installed and becomes active.  Are any other new customers experiencing similar confusing, worrying texts when their service is not yet up and running, please?  Thank you.  Irene Blower.

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Re: Charges for uninstalled Broadband

Good afternoon Irene


I can see that you have spoken to our agents under ticket which have advised that we are going to get an engineer to see if we are able to activate without a visit to your property. That said, if we are not able to activate your service you will not be charged until your account is activated.


If you do have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.



 Jo Clark
 Plusnet Help Team