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Charges for calls I didn't make - including 123

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Charges for calls I didn't make - including 123

Hi new here so please bear with me!

Last week had my email to say my bill was due - instead of the normal £29  that it is every month, it said the DD would be £49+.  I checked the bill to see that since 24/12/2018 there have been a number of calls made.  I should at this point say that we DO NOT have a phone plugged into any socket in our home!  

SO between the period 24/12/2018 - 17/01/2019 there were 41 calls made!  6 of these were to random numbers and 35 made to 123 (the speaking clock).  Of these calls 10 had no call length at all and a change was still made to our bill.

Since 18/01/2019 to date these calls are still being made at all times of the day and night, when no one is home and even when we were away for a week in January.

Initially when I phone plusnet they were helpful and refunded some of the charges and sent an engineer out to investigate...... but this is where it starts to come unstuck!

The engineer said there was no crossed line and didn't know why the numbers were being dialled - however he did find our broadband line was not fit for purpose and needed replacing - he therefore left the fault call open and another engineer visit has been made for next Wednesday! I called again today as the charges keep coming -( I wanted to keep on top of these refunds)    I requested to speak to a supervisor and spoken with an extremely rude and arrogant individual who insisted that I should never have received an initial refund and that if calls were on my bill it could only have been that we made them - even saying that it must be my children!?!?!

I left it today that they would reduce my credit limit to £0.01 so that no further charges could be made to my account - but this is not showing on my account this evening.

I'm at a total loss to know what to do next - plusnet just keep saying that until they can prove it's not us they will not refund further - but an engineer has already been and can't identify the problem - the charges are adding up to £3-4 a day!.

HELP!!!!!!!! Why on earth would I want to call 123 at 1am, 2am 3am etc in the morning????????????


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Re: Charges for calls I didn't make - including 123

Think yourself lucky you can check your bill & call log because a lot of can't even do that.

My recent phone bill is higher that it should be & I can't even view the bill or the call log!!!!

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Re: Charges for calls I didn't make - including 123

Hello @chillip,


Thanks for taking the time to get in touch with us.

I am very sorry to hear this issue is still ongoing and I apologise for the inconvenience caused.

I have checked over your account and I have created an open complaint ticket here with further information. If you do reply via ticket please give us a nudge on here so we can pick it up as soon as possible.


Thank you.