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Charged twice for Line Rental

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Charged twice for Line Rental

I raised a support question no. 92292500 because I have been charged £15.99 for line rental despite having line rental saver.  I was then told problem ticket no.79526 had been and that I would receive a refund.  The original question is closed and I still have not received a refund. Please can this be resolved.
See full details below.

Question #92292500

Dear Mr
Thank you for getting in touch with us regarding your line rental saver.
Having checked your account I can see that this has indeed been charged incorrectly on your account and for this we apologise.
This has been raised as a problem with our development team and this has been logged under problem ID 79526.
We have been able to locate a fix for this and your future invoices will now be correct.
With regards to the overpayment on your account we can advise that we will now place this ticket on hold for the direct debit to clear when we will be able to refund the outstanding overpayment of £15.99.
We trust this answers your query in full and we once again apologise for any inconvenience caused by this matter.
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Re: Charged twice for Line Rental

Hi Smd,
Apologies for the issue you've seen with regards to the renewal of your LRS, I have now processed the refund for you and you should seen this appear back in your account within the next 7-14 days at maximum.
Your issue has indeed been added to the problem as you mentioned so this should be resolved for you soon however do let us know if you see any further issues with this.