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Charged for calls when no active phone line.

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Charged for calls when no active phone line.

We had exactly the same issue as this where we were given a go live date, were told the line was active but when we tried to make a call the line was dead, phoned the number that I should have had and spoke to a old lady who was very unsure what was happening. PN issued a new order with a new number that eventually went active however I have been charged to calls that the Old lady must have made on the 4th Sept which we could not have made because we had no phone line 

I have queried this a number of times with PN Customer service but the calls remain 

Not a great initial experience to say the least although all the blame seems to be with Openreach who don't seem to be able to do anything right 

Can someone look into these call charges please and ensure they are reversed 


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Re: Charged for calls when no active phone line.

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Re: Charged for calls when no active phone line.

Thanks for getting in touch. I've looked over your account but unfortunately can't see this issue bing flagged to us on your account, sorry if this had been and wasn't noted down.

We'll ensure that refund is arranged, I've dropped a note on your account regarding this here.

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