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Charged for Unlimited Fibre that I Don't Have

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Registered: ‎15-08-2020

Charged for Unlimited Fibre that I Don't Have

Account No: 00001532542

Invoice No: -028

Dated: 15th August 2020


You have notified me that you are taking £85.87 from my DD account on 24th Aug 2020.


I checked and found that on this bill you are charging me four times for Unlimited Fibre that I don't have and have never had at this address.


I did have it at my previous address.


I wanted it when I moved to my current address on 30th Sep 2019, but you were unable to supply it. However you charged me for it. In compensation I was given a free month in January 2020 and a new contract. It now seems that this new contract was also for Unlimited Fibre that I don't, and can't yet have!


I tried to get this sorted by phone this afternoon. I am appalled at the poor standard of service I received, having been passed from department to department four times, with lengthy waiting periods listening to the same hackneyed songs for an hour and half!


The last person I spoke to stated that the contract was 'broken' and I needed another new one. I had to give up waiting yet again before this could be arranged.


If my current 'wrong;' contract is being cancelled, then I think I would rather change to a different supplier. I have been with Plusnet a long time, but my experience of your deteriorating service is driving me away.


The reason given for delays on the phone is 'a high number of calls'. This tells me that a lot of people are trying to contact you to sort out problems and that you are understaffed and under equipped to deal with it.


Please sort this problem out once and for all. If £85.87 goes from my account on 28th August, I will definitely be claiming refund and compensation again, and I WILL regretfully be changing supplier.